” High-Spec NATURAL “


LHOOQ® | ルークは
LHOOQ® で心身ともに整う生活を。

Good Health and Well-Being for life with a innovative cosmetic.
LHOOQ is s Japanese beauty brand as “Ageless, genderless, stressless”, and the concept of LHOOQ® is “Good for Humans, Environment & society”
Natural and highly functional ingredients, soothing natural scent, The minimalistic package incorporated the idea of Zen.Well-being for life with LHOOQ®.



Finding the circular beauty and health in Japanese culture and traditions

We develop our product from raw materials with local farmers to inherit traditional culture and terroir, and trying to reduce waste by refillable product and minimizing package to make the natural and social environment lean, safe & healthy.
Our vision is people, the environment, and society will become more beautiful and healthy for the better living environment by using a LHOOQ product.


髪と肌は一生脱げない「衣」です。365 日 24 時間あなたのために戦っています。
本来、染色に使われ、髪や肌を守ってくれた「藍(青)」「黄檗(黄)」「チョウジ(赤)」などをLHOOQはキー成分として配合。髪と肌の健康を守る LHOOQ 独自の美と健康の哲学です。


Hair and Skin are Clothing that will be with you for the rest of your life and protect us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It can be said that clothing, which is supposed to protect the health of hair and skin, has lost its original function as natural materials have been replaced by chemically synthesized materials. Our prodects contain natural ingredients made from indigo (blue), amur (yellow), and clove (red)  as key ingredients, which were originally used for dyeing clothes to keep our health. That is philosophy of LHOOQ.


シワやたるみの原因の一つとされるPM2.5 やブルーライトから肌を守り影響を受けた細胞を修復する黄檗エキスと、抗菌作用が強い蓼藍から抽出したエキスを配合したLHOOQ 独自のアンチポリューション技術。

Anti-Pollution Technology

LHOOQ’s proprietary anti-pollution technology that formulates Amur Cork Bark Extract , which protects the skin from PM2.5 and blue light (one of the causes of wrinkles and sagging), and repairs affected cells, with Ai (Indigo) Extract which has a strong antibacterial effect.